To protect the Coqui from extinction

Critical Habitat has been designated in Puerto Rico because Coquies are in danger of extinction. In fact, in the last 20 years part of the Coqui family has been extinguished. Actually 2 of them are already extinct; the “Coqui Palmeado” (E. karlschmidti), which hasn’t been heard or seen since 1974 and the “Coqui Dorado” (E. jasperi), which has not been heard or seen since 1981.Unfortunately, the “Coqui de Eneida” hasn’t been heard or seen in several years as well. Although they appear listed in the Department of Natural Resources as “Threatened or Vulnerable Species” none of these species have their habitat declared “Critical”. The Coqui’s threatened status is based on the potential loss of habitats due to development of homes, agriculture use, and over collection of the species. Also due to the low reproductive rate and inability to disperse to other areas. In addition, recent studies indicate that acid rain and other types of contamination on the island of Puerto Rico may play a role in the decline of this species of Eleutherodactylus.
The Coqui is considered to be an important part of the island natural and cultural heritage. Probably most of you have never been to Puerto Rico, but maybe someday you’ll visit, and believe me when I tell you that once you hear the Coqui’s melody fill the night, you will never forget it. A piece of Puerto Rico will always be with you.

1. Protect the Coqui, protect their natural habitat !