To put a stop to the suffering of thousands of horses across Europe caused by live Transportation to Slaughter.

Every year around 100,000 horses suffer unnecessarily as they travel thousands of miles across Europe to slaughter. World Horse Welfare is committed to ending this trade. The shocking reality is that legislation that World Horse Welfare and its supporters fought so hard for is being ignored: horses are still suffering in unacceptable conditions. Illegal journeys are still taking place. On a daily basis, horses are packed into overstocked lorries in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees centigrade and plummeting to minus 30. These vulnerable horses may never have been transported before and the inhospitable environment of a slaughter lorry causes many problems.

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1. Rigorous enforcement of the EU Regulation, which means: - Ensuring that horses travel in individual stalls on the lorry

2. - Horses are strictly vetted for fitness to travel - Lorries stop as required to feed, water and rest the horses off the vehicle

3. Finite journey times introduced into the Regulation for horses travelling to slaughter.

4. The end of long distance transportation of horses to slaughter in Europe.