Raise money for health care and stop the war.

I need everyone and anyone who is willing to donate money or prayers to the children of Uganda. I would like to raise $500 for them. If you can't donate money, do what you can to raise awareness everywhere! Write letters to your congressman and the President! Keep bugging people until you get a reply!
Keep bugging them so that they don't brush it off. The more people realize whats going on the better chance we have to stop it. Do what you can to give these children back their lives. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch the Invisible Children movie and find out whats going on and save the children!

1. No one is listening!

2. Children have to walk miles to stay safe.

3. Children are losing families and siblings to other children who have become soldiers.

4. They need our help!

5. We can help by raising awareness!