Blessings for a STRIKE FREE 2009

I wanted to wish everyone a prosperous, peaceful & joyous New Year. I wanted to thank all of you for your dedicated support to my/our cause to keep Hollywood Filming in 2009! This will continue to be an uphill battle, we are far from being out of the…Read More

A Call to Arms!!!

We are growing stronger every day, on average we are gaining 250 new activists daily! As great as that is, I think we all can agree that a few thousand passionate people on FaceBook will not bring the attention this cause needs to do any good! So I think…Read More

Make the Pledge!!

I wanted to thank everyone for joining the Cause to keep Hollywood working in '09! We are spreading the word rapidly through the FB community, however we could be doing so much better! All that's needed is for each and every one of us to "pledge" to invite…Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I would be very thankful for a "NO" vote on the SAG Strike Referendum. Our cause is growing, but we are running out of time. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word... Happy Holidays!! Peace & Love Keith

Help spread the word

Thank you everyone for joining this Cause to keep Hollywood working. Please take one more step for this worthy cause and invite ALL of your FB friends to join, it is easy to do from this Cause's home-page. If you are unsure how, feel free to message me and I…Read More
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