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Dear Comrsde, Happy new year and best wishes in all your endeavours in the months to come. We have shown how passionate we are, about transparency in our dear country by joining this cause. It is imperative now to ask friends and like-minded coleague to join…Read More

Cause Administrators

Fellow Esteemed Members, We have just added a new member to the admin corner for this forum. As a legal practioner practicing in England and very much in touch with the events and happenings in Nigeria, i am confident that he would also be of immense value…Read More

Advancing Our Strength

Dear Patriots, Kindly accept my New year greetings, hoping you have had a swell holiday. It is indeed a new year where good will continue to plan good and evil will continue to plan evil. Apparently, we have seen that even at the heat of global financial…Read More

Taxi Drivers / Okada Riders Welcome Ribadu to Lagos?

Well, It was indeed gladdening to hear that some Nigerians really took time out to welcome this great man to lagos most especially at this hard times he is passing with an ungrateful and silently corrupt government. I am sure they almost ate their hearts out…Read More

They Dismissed Him...

Obviously our government is indeed a sick one. Before the eyes of the world they pursued him from the walls of Kuru to Louis Edet house and ultimately they dismissed him for serving this country! How ironic, this is not a country to serve. They showed…Read More


My Fellow Members, In realisation of the need for openness in this i extend an invitation to any member who is interested in joining the cause's administratorial unit to express his interest by posting on the groups wall. After declaration of interest,Cause…Read More

Nuhu Ribadus Overseas Castle

The whole charade is still brimming up but unfortunately for them the public interest in the subject is not dwindling. The issue is The Guy says I DON'T HAVE A HOUSE IN THE UAE or UK, they say YOU HAVE but they don't seem to have proofs. He arrested them…Read More

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