Advancing Our Strength

Dear Patriots,

Kindly accept my New year greetings, hoping you have had a swell holiday.

It is indeed a new year where good will continue to plan good and evil will continue to plan evil.
Apparently, we have seen that even at the heat of global financial crisis, the only language this government appears to be speaking is 'Corruption and Vengeance'.

what do we hope to achieve with a cabinet reshuffle that usher in major past indicted governors to ministerial and other political appointed positions?

It is a pointer to the fact that, they will continue to pour their Wrath on Ribadu in some way or the Other because you and i know that there is no compassion and forgiveness in their minds.
In a recent conversation i had with a civil servant recently, he said to me that they have fashioned out great means of looting in a way that makes it slightly difficult to unveil their crimes and ofcourse if Ribadu does not go behind the bars their message will not be fully passed to serve as a detterrent.

fellow patriots, i am sure most of us have signed the petition letter published on ""

We should also try to increase our membership base this year by inviting our friends and colleagues on Facebook, this gesture of increased numbers would certainly play a good catalyst to the loudness of our voices as dynamic leaders to ensure that outside of facebook we are reckoned with because someday decisions will be made by collation of polls and voices on forums like this in Nigeria.

I sincerely hope and believe that members would also play a role in publishing relevant posts and announcements on this board intimating members of developments and progress on our subject and the government role.

Finally, I am sure that together we would progress in our various live endeavours and cause, Thank you and God Bless you.

Abdoolhakim, Haliru.

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