Taxi Drivers / Okada Riders Welcome Ribadu to Lagos?

Well, It was indeed gladdening to hear that some Nigerians really took time out to welcome this great man to lagos most especially at this hard times he is passing with an ungrateful and silently corrupt government.

I am sure they almost ate their hearts out thinking I am going to pull down my Facebook Cause and this beautiful team of ours will die a natural death but alas they are getting the shocker.

It appears to me that what we need is to begin to look for leaders even amongst Okada /Taxi drivers since the Lagos State practitioners of this noble profession have demonstrated that they are enlightened enough to know that 'Nuhu Ribadu' was a patriotic Nigerian who believed in selfless service and is being punished for it.

I do hope that some day we would get Nuhu Ribadu on Facebook and the he will probably tell us his own side of the story.
Well, It appears the 7 Point agenda of the current administration have developed two or more new nodes because obviously Ribadu is one node that have to be taken care of and now the drama is unfolding and going after another good/bad guy "Nasir El-Rufai".

i am not much of fully an El-Rufai school of thought person because just like many people i was also affected by his demolition and obvious no recompensation and all the "Abuja is not for the Poor" El-rufai belief but then as a person i could score El-Rufai 70 - 75 percent and that also means i am against the sudden realisation of the government that he is also corrupt and must be invited by the EFCC. However, they also served a Master in Otta. So if the aides are now found corrrupt why is the government and EFCC not inviting the biggest of them all, OBJ?

Abeg, Nigeria is a sick country with bad leaders who appear to have eternal license to be in power. We are not sure of a messiah, i really think we have to take our pressure beyond Facebook else we would only end up mostly running and relocating forever.

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