Buy a limited edition princess lapel pin and stop the exploitation of women and children forced to work as sex slaves

The Salvation Army presents "A Sparkle of Hope", a campaign to combat sexual human trafficking. The Salvation Army BC is now selling a unique fashion pin for $10.00, with all proceeds benefiting The Salvation Army’s initiatives to combat sexual human trafficking in British Columbia. To purchase, visit their website or call 604-296-3818.

The pin is an attractive sparkling crown, which symbolizes the freedom and dignity that all humans deserve. The pin makes an ideal Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. A Sparkle of Hope is part of a broader effort by The Salvation Army in British Columbia to raise awareness of, and develop resources and social services to
serve victims of sexual human trafficking.


THE LIE | Prostitution is sex between two consenting adults. It’s not hurting
anyone, so it’s no big deal.

THE TRUTH | It is estimated that 90% of woman are not working in the sex trade by choice; therefore they are not consenting adults. Furthermore, many are under the age of 19 years old making prostitution rape.

THE LIE | Human trafficking is not the same as prostitution.

THE TRUTH | Prostitution is human trafficking. Varying degrees of sex slavery range from fear based bondage where a worker may have freedom to roam the streets, but is expected to return with profit to a pimp, to physical bondage in a brothel, where women
and children have been transported away from their home and held in captivity in order to
perform sex acts that profit a sex trade ring or pimp. In both cases, threats and acts of physical violence hold the women and children in a state of actual or perceived slavery.

THE LIE | Human trafficking only happens in poor, undeveloped countries.

THE TRUTH | Human trafficking is an international and domestic problem. Women are lured into the sex trade from within Canada and outside Canada. The sex trade is very much alive and well in British Columbia, and throughout the rest of Canada.

THE LIE | Human trafficking must involve violence and confinement.

THE TRUTH | Although human trafficking can include both violence and confinement, it might be based solely on deceit, psychological manipulation and/or threats of violence.

THE LIE | Women working in prostitution, strip clubs, escort agencies and sex
massage parlours choose their profession for the lifestyle and money. They are living the “Pretty Woman” dream by setting their own terms of work and keeping all the money they earn.

THE TRUTH | The majority of workers in the sex trade are trapped in modern sex
slavery. They are lured by a boyfriend or recruiter posing as a friend or potential
employer. Some are sold into the industry by their fathers, brothers or husbands. After recruitment, the women are trapped by drug addiction and debt bondage to a pimp, gang or sex trade ring.

More details at www.thetruthisntsexy.ca

1. Prostitution is not sex between two consenting adults. 90% of prostitutes do not choose the lifestyle and most are under 19 making it rape

2. 27 million people have been trafficked worldwide. There are an estimated 1.5 million sex slaves in North America.

3. All people deserve freedom and dignity. No one should be forced, manipulated or sold into slavery