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Helping children: what issue are you most passionate about?

  • Child abuse (50% people answered this)
  • Orphaned children (27% people answered this)
  • Safety in schools (12% people answered this)
  • Infant mortality (6% people answered this)
  • Other - add a comment on the discussion board below (4% people answered this)

490 people voted.

<p>Let's help save children's lives around the world. We are a global community!</p>

Dear community,

We all joined this cause because we care about children's well-being. And that's why we've been posting petitions, pledges, and videos about children's health and safety.

Now we want to hear directly from you: what do you want to see more of? How can we take action together to address issues you care about? Please answer this poll so that we can find and post more of the campaigns you'd like to support.

Thank you!

-Emily and the Causes Community Team


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