Thank you!

You are very brave! Calling for an immediate cutoff of all funding to the war machine is a very courageous thing to say, but you have gone further, you are joining groups and telling your friends and congress members. You are standing out in public and…Read More

Sign the new Petition for Barrack Obama!

You can choose to sign a petition directed to Barack Obama, basically asking him to keep some major campaign promises.

Some News!

I am really excited that all of you have joined the war tax boycott campaign. I wanted to let you know that we also have a group on Facebook called : the national war tax resistance coordinating committee. For those of you who used to be members it has now…Read More

Redirect your taxes!!

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee has decided to continue the tradition of people choosing a place where they want to redirect taxes. If you are interested I have put the official cause that NWTRCC chose this year on the cause home page.…Read More
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