We are doing great work!

We are getting ready to do our third one-on-one massage therapy/holistic healing clinic next Monday and our endeavor so far has been incredibly successful. One of the most gratifying experiences of my life has been to watch tired, stressed caregivers come out…Read More

Our first massage day is this coming Monday the 15th.

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you my excitement and anticipation for our first big vision come to fruition that happens this coming Monday. We will be doing our first full day of one-on-one, closed door massage for the family members and caregivers of…Read More

We are doing it!

Hi everybody. I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for joining this cause that is incredibly important to me. This cause site was created roughly 14 days ago and we already have 130 members, which really reinforces my belief in that whole "six…Read More

My fundraising Pledge

I am putting together my first retreat for the caregivers of severely injured service members and I really need your help. Caregivers are in need of respite, renewal and healing in some of the same ways that their injured loved ones are, and it is my mission…Read More
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