Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Please help us spread the word about cervical cancer awareness and prevention by taking the Pearl Pledge and asking your friends to join. Last year it was expected 4070 women would die from cervical cancer in the US, help us collect this smae number of…Read More

guidelines change for cervical cancer screening

Surrogacy after Cervical Cancer

Pearl of Wisdom Campaign for National Womens Helath weeks

Please check this out... http://www.myfoxmemphis.com?subindex/good_morning Help us educate women about cervical cancer and HPV... Vaccinate Girls/Women 9-26 Annual Pap for all women Women over 30, ask for a get the HPV test Please speak with your help care…Read More

Help spread the word

Please help us spread the word and eliminate cervical cancer. Invite 10 friends and help us reach 6000 members...knowledge is power and we are stronger together...spread the word!

Vote Today!!!! Help Get Tamika & Friends in Glamour

Hello All! My fearless friend, survivor and advocate, Tamika Felder is in the finals for a feature in Glamour magazine about cervical cancer and her efforts to eliminate this disease. Please vote for her. Click below and scroll down to the Lead Out Loud…Read More

Cervical Health Month

January is National Cervical Health Month...Please invite your friends to join our cause and spread the word...together we can eradicate cervical cancer! 1-annual pap 2-HPV test over age 30 3-vaccine for girls/women 9-26
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