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Congratulations - 561 and growing.

I created this cause in 2008 after Kanye made the statement that he was the VOICE OF THIS GENERATION.... I felt that anyone who makes a statement such as this deserves to be recognized.

When Kanye stole Taylor's moment at the VMAs, he once again proved himself to be a complete dumbass,

I (along with 561 other members) have once again decided to declare Kanye DUMBASS OF THE YEAR - 2 years running.

I made the promise that if the number of members reached 500 I would send Kanye a certificate awarding him the status of DassOTY. I am happy to say we are now at 561 members strong. I will immediately put this together and find a way to get this to him.

Before I send the certificate... I have a challenge for each member. I challenge everyone to help raise the number of members to more than 3000.

I will be traveling to Los Angeles in November and if the number of members exceeds 3000 before November 10th, I will personally deliver an award to Kanye. I will film the delivery (or at least the attempt) and post it on here for everyone to see.

If anyone cares to help with the purchase of a classy award, feel free to contact me.

Tony Sanders
Cause Creator

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