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Apparently this cause offends someone...and it's not Kanye!

I wanted to thank everyone once again for joining the cause. We have grown to 20 members and I anticipate we will be at 25 within the next year.

Apparently Adam Yemz Luxon from New Zealand feels that I should write about "shit that matters"and that apparently I don't have a is his message:

"kanye west is a lord and u know it. get a life and worry about shit that matters."

I also wanted to share my response with the group:

I would normally ignore messages like yours. What I think is funny is that you do not see that your message is NONSENSICAL...You write me for no reason, tell me to worry about shit that matters... and you seem to think that my joke is something that matters to whom.... and I assume it offended you in some way... which I could care less about.
Besides, if my joke offends you, you are a moron.
Next time, please try to understand how to phrase your statement before writing to me.
Thanks and have a great day!

He is from New Zealand so if he is friends with any of the members, I certainly feel for you. I personally wanted to thank all the New Zealand members for your international support... indeed Kanye West is enough of a dumb ass that the world has to share in his ignorance.

Once again thanks and LONG LIVE THE CAUSE!

(Maybe I should create a new Dumbass of the Year Cause - Adam Yemz Luxon...well at least maybe just dumbass of New Zealand)

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