Congratulations - 561 and growing.

I created this cause in 2008 after Kanye made the statement that he was the VOICE OF THIS GENERATION.... I felt that anyone who makes a statement such as this deserves to be recognized. When Kanye stole Taylor's moment at the VMAs, he once again proved…Read More


Were up to 23... That number is growing and the movement is building. Thanks to all.

21! Lets keep rolling fwd.

Despite the upset feelings of the hater "Adam"...We have added Nathan. Welcome - pass the word around! Everyone - Keep fighting the good fight. Let's show morons like Kanye - he does not represent us. T

Apparently this cause offends someone...and it's not Kanye!

I wanted to thank everyone once again for joining the cause. We have grown to 20 members and I anticipate we will be at 25 within the next year. Apparently Adam Yemz Luxon from New Zealand feels that I should write about "shit that matters"and that…Read More

The Cause Has Gone International

Welcome to all those who have joined from across the sea. We have a long battle ahead of us. Spread the word. Let's tell this man that he is not the voice of our generation. Tell you friends. WHEN (no longer IF) we reach 500 members I will send Kanye a…Read More


I'm glad so many people have joined the cause. I can't stand this mans stupidity. If the cause gains over 500 people I will pay for a plaque to be made and I will send it to Kanye with my own money. Spread the word...
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