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On April 25th, Break the Silence.

Break the Silence is happening across the U.S and will mark the end of the Invisible Children community's 25 hours of silence for 25.

After 25 years of war waged by Joseph Kony, Invisible Children is getting loud... by shutting up. But after the silence ends at 8:00 PM on April 25th (in every time zone), it's going to get even louder.

We could keep writing about all of the details, but instead, you should watch this video:

'Break the Silence' Details ( from INVISIBLE CHILDREN ( on Vimeo (

Break the Silence will unleash the voices of the thousands who are going silent and who have raised at least $25 to fund The Protection Plan - Invisible Children's work to protect innocent civilians from LRA violence.

After you sign up at ( and raise your $25, we'll send you your invite to this exclusive event.

See you on the 25th,
-Invisible Children

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