Track down the killers of James Bulger

Two year old James Bulger went to a shoppingmall right outside Liverpool with his mother Denise, on February 12th, 1993. The same day the two 10 year old boys - ROBERT THOMPSON and JON VENABLES went to the mall to steal. No one knew that on this day, the most tragic of all thefts would take place.

These ten year old boys took James Bulger when his mother turned around for just a second. They walked about four miles with James, all the time hurting him by punching and kicking. At the end of the line, they approached a railway road. Here they dragged little James through a fence, punched him, kicked him, hit him with an ironbar and through blue paint in his left eye - probably to dehumanize him. There are also strong evidence that they sexually abused him - before they laid his body on the railroad tracks. He was still alive!

ROBERT THOMPSON and JON VENABLES got eight years in prison institutution for kids. They were released in 2001 with new identities - and with the chance to start a new life.

This cause is about tracking them down, so that someone can do something about it. When a child at that age does such a cruel act at such an early stage in his life, it is a person that will always be a threat to the society. And it is also not fair that these two consciense - lacking persons can walk free with a whole new life - when they both tortured a little child to death.

The only information we have about them today, is that one of them has a child of his own, and are happily married. The other one - probably ROBERT THOMPSON is gay and lives with his gay lover. There are speculations about what their new names are also. The most trustworthy of these speculations are SHEEPLE AND DR. JOHNDEE.

If you have any information about these two, please email me!

1. James Bulger - an innocent child was murdered, a life taken away

2. Robert and Jon only got eight years in prison

3. They now have new identities and a new life of their own