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i set this cause up because it means alot to me. i have an older sister who has always wanted children of her own but is unsucsessful. as she has requested to have IVF on NHS her GP refered her and got the ball rolling.
she passed mamy stages of the nessesary requirments and so on. but the due to her circumstanes it put a spaner in the works and she has had the choice ans oppertunity to have IVF taken away from her.
and at the same time as she was told the NHS would not fund this for her she could pay £3000 and they would give her IVF.!!!
unfortunatly this kind of money is hard to come by just like that. so there are lots of reason for this cause. there is also no reason in my eyes why she shouldnt be able to have IVF.
i would like to do some sort of fundraising activity to raise some money so she can save up to have her treatment.
if you have any ideas to help i would be more than greatfull to read your suggestions. and would love for you to be able to help out in anyway.
a funraising day out would be great.
all suggestions welcome.
and a bigthank you to all that read this and think about it i do appreciate it.

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