Two Fundraising Events for PEP Next Month - Commit to Be There

So they've scheduled 2 parties and one of them has to be your kind of action. Pick from the 2nd Annual Networking Event on Oct. 11th at OR the Adult Halloween Party on Oct. 27th at…Read More

New office needed asap

PEP needs help. We have served Cabrini Green for over 30 years. And thankfully, we haven't had to pay rent or utilities but this will soon change. Due to CHA's demolition schedule, our office will be shuttered. We have created a campaign at…Read More

You guys did it!

Thought I'd take a look to see how the group was growing and you've surpassed my expectations. We're now at 211 members. WHOO HOO. I kept my word and donated today. Hope some of you will be able to do so too. Thanks for the support. PEP appreciates you being…Read More

Donate to PEP w/o spending additional money

Each time someone buys flowers or other Valentine’s gifts through Causes, they’ll make a $10 donation to PEP. If you are buying flowers or chocolates for someone this week, please shop online through the Causes link at…Read More


29 people have joined this cause since Vince Carter sent out a message on the 16th. Thank you so much! Take a look at what PEP is doing and spread the word. They're still in the North Town community after more than 30 years...serving youth and…Read More

The Peppeteer Program

This program was formed in 2010 and is designed to help pre-K through grade 3 children develop their academic, social and creative skills. We are offering a specially-designed package of five greeting cards and envelopes. All proceeds from the sale of these…Read More

2010 PEP Fall Classic

Get ready. Their annual basketball tournament is almost here for 17U (varsity) & 15U (sophomore/freshman)! All teams are guaranteed two pool play games. Then each team goes into a single elimination playoff bracket. There is a limited number of slots for…Read More
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