Sprint Discount @ 15%

Comanity is pleased to announce that all supporters of George Wythe College can now get a 15% discount on Sprint services. This is limited to individual and family plans. Business service discounts will be 10%. Sprint has service in every area that Verizon…Read More

Students, Get GWC Email!

Hey guys, For all those who are or were students at George Wythe College, We need your help!!! In order for Facebook and Myspace to give the school an official account, we need more people using our schools .edu email accounts. The accounts are powered by…Read More


Hey everyone, Get this cause out there please. Invite all of you friends and bug them about it. Even if people don't donate (by the way the money will go directly to GWC since I have it linked to their foundation and address) this cause will increase…Read More
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