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Aspergers Syndrome is one of several autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that are characterized by difficulties in social communication and interaction, and in intense but narrow interests. Asperger's have normal or even superior intelligence and, unlike other autistics, have no significant delay in language development. Although not mentioned in standard diagnostic criteria, odd speech, language peculiarities and abnormal clumsiness are frequently reported features of AS.

One in Sixty-six children has A.S.D

Children with AS are vulnerable to being teased and victimized; some may require special education services because of their social and behavioral difficulties although many attend regular education classes. Adolescents with AS may exhibit ongoing difficulty with self-care, organization and disturbances in social and romantic relationships; despite high cognitive potential, most remain at home, although some do marry and work independently.The "different-ness" adolescents experience can be traumatic. Although the deficits associated with AS are often debilitating, many individuals experience positive outcomes—particularly those who are able to excel in areas less dependent on social interaction, such as mathematics, music, and the sciences. Reports suggest that many people with AS are highly creative and accomplish innovative research in fields such as computer science, mathematics, and physics

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