Magical Memories for Special Kids

Our goal is to make a difference in the life of a child who has been affected by serious medical or social circumstances. A child that has never been to Walt Disney World gets the chance to have his and her dream come true.

Since October 1995, Dreams Take Flight - Ottawa Chapter, has given special needs children an incredible day where their ongoing struggles are forgotten. These children are treated to a wonderful day of magical memories at the happiest place on earth - Disney World.

Dreams Take Flight is the perfect vehicle for all of us in the community to show a united front in investing in our future: our children. Unfortunately, there are far too many physically and socially challenged children in the world and Dreams Take Flight is our way of reaching out to as many of them as we can. This program gives the children a chance to forget about doctors, nurses, illness and troubled backgrounds if only for a day. It is our sincerest wish that this extraordinary day had a profound positive affect upon these children now and in the future. We hope that these magical memories remain as a ray of hope for the rest of their lives.

1. One day can make a difference in a child's life.

2. Every child deserves to experience the Magic of Disney.