HELP uz FIND our missing children, that were buried in mass graves

Canada must account for all the wrongs they done, not close the book as they will with the Truth n Reconciliation. The T&R was all in place before the pathetic apology, June 11, 2008. Coniving indeed.
No surprises when it comes from the Gov, everythin they do is in the namesake of power, money and hidden agendaz of secrecy.
Have our leaders fallen into this politic corruption? money talks. But! what??? when there is no longer any need for money, then what? gonna eat it? or wipe ur ass with it? it'll be useless to anyone as we know it, so get rich off the poor n misfortunate, and do live in ur glass housees, sittin on your pedestal to be the next grandiose one.... for the moment, when time stands still.
As the Future is Not gettin any Brighter,or Better, where is our Gov Leadin uz? When everything on the tables today, are the things promised last term, repeated into this term, jobs were promised, Poverty addressed, why is Harper losing confidence among his collegues? Can't be hard to figure after the many promises left Unfulfilled.

1. Gov must account for all the wrongs, deciets, betrayals,n a GENOCIDE be exposed

2. Accountability by our own LEADERS, whom sat @ the tables with Mr Harper discussing our lives, within the TRUTH n RECONCILIATION


The Betrayals continue.