Our mission is to create a global movement in which children and youth worldwide will actively participate in environmental activities.

The Tunza Youth Strategy is a six-year plan designed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to consolidate all UNEP activities for youth and children into a unified global network called TUNZA.

The word “TUNZA” means “to treat with care or affection” in Kiswahili (a sub-regional language of Eastern Africa).

The overall TUNZA concept, therefore, is built around this theme. It is an initiative that is meant to develop activities in the areas of capacity building, environmental awareness, and information exchange, with a vision to foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens, capable of positive action who will better influence decision making processes and act responsibly to create a sustainable world.

The Tunza Network will work to enhance current activities and introduce new ones in a unified programme that reaches out to young people and inspires them to take action for the environment.

Important by-products of this strategy include the TUNZA International Youth Conference, the TUNZA International Children Conference, Tunza Advisory Council, TUNZA magazine, and the book "A Time for Action" provide up-to-date information and resources that support the environmental empowerment of young people.


1. Goverments and United Nations must develop a capacity of young people to participate, as appropriate, in designing, implementing and reviewing sustainable development policies and strategies at all levels.

2. World Goverments must support the Tunza Youth Strategy financially.

3. UNEP must allocate funds for the organization of Tunza Youth Retreat, an event that is to be held prior to the Governing Council regular session.

4. UNEP must faciliate participation for at least 6 youth representatives in the Governing Council regular and special sessions.

5. UNEP must facilitate youth participation in other global and regional environmental negotiations.

6. UNEP must recommend youth inclusion in national delegations.