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Change Your Profile Picture for Parkinson's Awareness Month

Dear Friends & Supporters: Parkinson's Awareness Month begins today. How can you help raise awareness for Parkinson's this April? - Change your profile picture for the month of April and let your Facebook friends know why. Just visit www.pdf.org/april …Read More

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

Hello Friends and Fellow Cause Admins: Did you know that Parkinson's Awareness Month begins tomorrow? At PDF, we have been getting ready and we hope you and some of your members might like to get involved. How can you get involved? - Visit our toolkit…Read More

Parkinson's Disease Foundation

It had been awhile since I had read all of the heart felt stories that are posted on the wall of the foundation page. I just wanted to thank everyone who is involved in this cause, your support and words give me courage.

New Display Picture Idea

So I was thinking, since there is no way for us to post personal pictures, I have come up with the idea to display a new picture each week or so. This picture will be sent to me from you guys. I think that this will be a good way to share pictures of our…Read More


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