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Hello, I hope you’re having a great New Year. Here at NYRA, we’re having an exciting one. Along with our Southeast Florida chapter, I am in the the midst of a campaign that began in 2008 to end the unconstitutional and illegally-enforced youth curfew in West…Read More

We Did It!!! NYRA Won $25,000!!!!

Thank you everyone who voted for us over the last four weeks! With your help we were one of the top 100 organizations in the Chase Community Giving contest! Thanks to you we won $25,000 for youth rights! This is a historic victory for this cause. NYRA was up…Read More

10 Seconds to Lower the Voting Age

This is probably the simplest thing I'll ever ask you to do to help end discrimination against youth. And it will make a huge impact. The National Youth Rights Association is very close to winning $25,000 through a voting competition on Facebook. All you…Read More

NYRA Enters A New Era

A new era has begun and there is no turning back. Youth across the country are standing up for their rights and are demonstrating to the world that they will not back down in the face of oppression. Savana Redding, who was invasively strip-searched by her…Read More

NYRA Election Begins July 1, Candidates Needed!

Care passionately about youth rights? Have skills and talents that could help NYRA succeed? Want to run for NYRA's board of directors? The election begins July 1 and runs till August 1 where the election concludes during NYRA' Annual Meeting scheduled for…Read More

Help NYRA Win $1,000 TODAY - Important

NYRA is competing for a $1,000 prize, and with just a $10 donation you can help us win it! From now till 3 PM EST Tomorrow (Thursday) the cause that has the highest number of donors wins a $1,000 grant. All you need to do is donate $10 to count. This is…Read More
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