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Please watch this video xxx

Updated Information

This has been posted on MSN this morning.

Please dont forget Madeleine McCann

Please ask your friends to join our cause........We will make sure that Maddy is kept at the fore front of everyones minds and that nobody will ever forget her. Please invite as many friends as you can, were at 197,309 members now, not long to go until we…Read More

Remember Maddy on the Anniversary of Her dissapearance tomorrow :(

How terrible that we have gone through these past 3 years and Maddy still hasn't been found safe. We feel for her Parents and we pray that there is someone out there who knows something that can lead to the safe return of Maddy to her loving Family. Please,…Read More

Lets reach 200,000 members.

Get as many of your friends on your list to join our cause, lets show our belief that Madeleine will be found............PLEASE NEVER FORGET HER AND NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my Heart. Jayne xxxxxxx


Isnt it amazing watching the amount of members increase on our fantastic cause for this beautiful little girl. Im absolutly amazed and thankfull to each and everyone of you for you joining and recruitig all of your friends. We will keep going and keep…Read More

100,000 Members

Well.......what can i say? apart from "CONGRATULATIONS & THANKYOU" for joining this amazing cause. We are now over 100,000 members and it brings a lump to my throat to know that all of you have taken the time to join because you care and will never forget…Read More
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