Aims to raise awareness for women of their rights with the objective of creating a world mainstream

Violence against women has no country; it is a plague that is known to breed in the stench of poverty as well as behind the closed doors of the most affluent homes. Domestic violence or violence against women is a global issue that is not limited to a…Read More

My people

One of the most disgraceful human rights violations is Violence against women. We should realize the situation happening in women’s life and each of us must accept responsibility for stamping out gender-based violence. We cannot claim to be making real…Read More

happy celebration all

As we celebrate this season, we should all not forget the importance of women in our lives. Love your sisters & mothers all over..Report cases of violence against women to the nearly authorities if you notice any. Love, cherish and celebrate women and our…Read More

violence against women, its causes and consequences

Human Rights Council 7 th session (March 2008) - Report of the Special Rapporteur on Indicators on Violence against Women and State response (A/HRC/7/6) Introduction The United Nations Commission on Human Rights in resolution 1994/45, adopted on 4 March 1994…Read More
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