1010 - thanks everyone!

We've hit over 1000 now thanks to everyone's help and efforts! You can continue to get people to write messages, as every little bit counts. Stay tuned for more actions after the New Year - if you're interested in helping develop and coordinate, please send…Read More

36 to go

It's past our December 15th deadline, but we can get another 36 in by the end of this week for sure to hit our 1000 message goal. Keep on posting - we need only 7 more people to write to their reps!

Last day - we need 200 more!

Hey all, The response has continued to been impressive - there are so many people out there who support Peace Corps and I'm glad to find out our post isn't the only one that is trying its best to make sure we have those tools and trainings we need. However,…Read More

Let's make it to 1000

Hey all, Great job so far! I'm really excited about our progress. So far we've sent out 230 messages and letters from people living in 41 countries and residents of 16 states. Please remember to send your letters to Senators Leahy and Inouye on that final…Read More

Today -

Today is the first day of the campaign. Thank you for joining us, and thank you in advance for writing e-mails and letters, for making phone calls, and for doing your part to support Peace Corps volunteers and the communities they serve. Resources for…Read More

Letters + Groups + Causes = Campaign

Fund Peace Corps is a worldwide grassroots campaign of volunteers and Peace Corps supporters. The most visible parts are those posted on facebook and MySpace - we have a Group AND a Cause, and we welcome you to join both. Thanks to those of you who've…Read More

How is the budget shortfall affecting your post? Fill out this survey

Link to survey: http://tinyurl.com/6znzl5 The results will be used to further customize the letter-writing application on http://www.ploofle.com/petition/
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