Getting close to the deadline!

My friends, Father's Day is coming up in two weeks. Our goal right now is to hit at least 500 members by then. Anything we can do to provide and receive support as families, parents, and children can make a real difference. Can Facebook make a…Read More

Father's Day is Coming Up!

Hi friends, Thanks so much for showing your support to fathers and families around the world. In honor of Father's Day coming up in June, let's invite our friends to join this worthy cause. 500 by Father's Day is the current goal. Thanks!

Please share

Hi friends, I invite you to stop by the Daddies United page and share a recent story that reminded you about how important your family is to you. Brevity is best, but I know everyone would like to hear from everyone else. Thanks!

Get the ball rolling again

Friends, Daddies United has been in hibernation for about 8 months. Let's get this ball rolling again. As our country seems to be coming apart at the seems at the highest levels, we can make a difference in keeping families together. Invite your friends;…Read More

As Father's Day rolls closer

I thought I'd share this video with all of the members of Daddies United. This man has not lived a glamorous life, but he has lived a life I hope to emulate. I've also posted this link on the Daddies United…Read More

Father's Day is a'coming!

So let's grow this group. We're at 270 on June 1st. How many members can we have by June 20th?

Founder of Daddies United Interviewed!

I was interviewed today, taking the opportunity to plug Daddies United. If you want to hear the interview, check out: Glad you are all a part of this group. Let's keep getting the word out. Let's keep the family at the heart of…Read More
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