Hey Everyone. We are lower in numbers than I thought. It makes me happy to see that there plenty of stories, but I do pray for the ones going through this. Invite your friends, share stories, and support the ones that are already here.

invites and discussion

Hey Ya'll... Thanks for joining this cause. Invite your friends please... Please feel free to start a discussion, or give stories on the discussion board. Thanks!!!

This is Great!!!

Hey everyone. I just want to say thanks to those of you spreading the word. I hope you continue. I hope everyone is taking a little time to do some research beyond this to understand what life is like with this cancer. If not, that's okay too. Keep up the…Read More

Keep it up

Hey Everyone. I just want to say thank you for joining this cause and passing it on. Please keep it up! -JP

Keep it up!

Hey you guys. Thanks so much for helping out w/ my cause. Keep passing it along, and you'll feel better for passing the word along. Thanks again!!!!! -JP

Thank you

Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for joining this cause. It means a lot to me and several people I know. I'm aiming to get to the Megalopolis (5,000,000 members) member unit. It's a cause that I care about, and I've noticed that not a lot of people know about…Read More
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