New Saturday Schedule

Culture UNfriendly Train Schedule. Don't plan on seeing any shows, or hearing live music. I thought we would be further along by now.

Effective Nov. 22, 2010: Late Weekday Northbound(NB) train leaves Albuquerque @ 6:32p arriving in Santa Fe @ 8:12p. Latest Southbound(SB) leaves SF @ 9:30p arriving in Alb. @ 10:57p. Late Sat. NB leaves Alb. @ 4:44p arriving in SF @ 6:16p. Latest SB leaves…Read More

ALERT!!! Voice your opinion to those that can do something about the Rail Runner Express schedule

ALERT!!! Voice your opinion to those that can do something about it. Let them know that there are over 1300 people here on Facebook, and must be thousands more out there that want late culture friendly service NOW! Bring signs, and speak out. Rail Runner…Read More

Take action!

Please remember to read the article linked to by Zane in the Santa Fe Reporter, check the proposed schedule linked to by me, and then call and write the contacts I have listed. That is the only way to get them to hear you. This is a call to action, not a…Read More

Please invite your New mexico friends...

That's the only way we can make this change

What to do...

This is a call to arms for a write-in effort to get the New Mexico Rail Runner schedule to be more culture friendly. The schedule as it stands makes rail riders leave around 7:30pm, which will kill live theater, music, and hurt restaurant and bar…Read More
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