New habits

Dear members, After the COP 15 meetings in Copenhagen about what to do about global warming and climate changes in the future there was a little focus upon the possibility, that changing habits about cars in the western world could help reducing the…Read More

Future Car

After the COP 15 in Copenhagen there is no doubt! The electric car is in many ways the solution being the individual transportation of tomorrow. When society has switched from fossil fuels in the car to windmill/solar cell produced electricity, we have…Read More

Opmærksomhed til elektriske biler

Kære medlemmer, Det er på tide, at vi op til COP15 udvider antallet af medlemmer og runder 1000 deltagere. Elektriske biler på gaden i tusindvis og flere vindkraftværker til at producere strømmen om natten, så batterierne kan lade op, er en af de vigtige…Read More

Attention to the electric car

Dear cause members, Soon the COP15 is happening in Copenhagen, Denmark, where political leaders of the world assemble encouraging each other to withstand CO2 reduction worldwide. It is time for you to take part in expanding the number of members in our…Read More


Dear member of this cause. Please, try to recruit some more members. Our mutual environments need our protection, need our care! As far as I can see, the electric car is soon forgotten again. We need to gather attention almost all the time!! We have to win…Read More

Ahead of the time

The global economical crisis has caused people (politicians, journalists, administrators) to loose their heads and forget about global warming, climate changes, green technologies on a great scale, even when it is no doubt time to make a change and to…Read More

More members

Dear members/supporters, I think it is time again to say some few words. The end of this message is in Danish language. I think around 4 months now have passed since this group started. We are not many in this group compared to how important our message…Read More
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