New Name

Dear All, though we achieved our primary objective, it's may the time to change the name of the cause & stang together for the trial of war-criminals of 1971. Adnan vai proposed a name for the cause which is "Rajakars Free Bangladesh Movement". if anyone…Read More

Rajakar Free Bangladesh

Dear All, Certainly this is a very happy moment for the entire Bangladesh. Rajakars are dumped everywhere...we should thank and congratulate ourselves. Now its time to bring these criminals to justice. Saka might have won anyhow.. but he cant escape the…Read More

Election 2008

Dear all, this is the biginning... All the war-criminals, xcept SAKA Choudhury, r rejected by the people of Bangladesh... now we have to strongly raise our voice to bring them to justice.... Shohid-jononi Jahanara Imam er vashay shobaike mone koriye dite…Read More
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