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Update on December 18, 2012

Dear Patrons & Humanitarians,

Most of the time Srilankan Leaders were taken this Atrocities & Barbaric attacks against Tamils for their cheap political advantages. The Motivated army & government is a part of society and nothing else. Here we should realize the difference between Atrocities made by Group of Common people in streets and a well organized militants attack against army camps. In 1983 and also many times, Sinhalese social mind was immature & uncivilized for attacking innocent common people. They have done it for many times, They have mercilessly killed our own children, their soul representatives called Srilankan Army, don't have even mercy to the dead bodies of our women. Try to observe and be a critic of this inhuman act of Sinhalese society, We are not here for playing Sinhalese & Tamils game like their politicians.

This cause is made by tears and pain.

Try to spread and convince the International Community about the Truth in Deadly Island called Srilanka.

Love & Regards

Arivazhagan Kaivalyam
Mobile +91 9945232920

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