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Update on December 09, 2012

Dear Patrons,

We have reached more than 500 signatures in two days, I hope we can able to make an impact in Social Networks, The initiatives are still required in dynamic ways. Call for your friends, Invite your friends, It may hardly require some clicks of your mouse and some impressions in your keyboard. But the output will be an ultimate Justice & a dream Nation.

Please go ahead and work hard. Here there are some solidarity messages from various country men for this real Cause.....

A Message from: Ponnudrai Balendran - University of Ceylon

It is time for youths of the country to joint force to address the deficiency in the democratic.
system to promote law and order without any impunity for the well being of the people of the nation as. a whole irrespective of their race, religion, cast and the language they speak.

A Message from: Merlyn Low - Malaysia

Aren't most srilankans are Buddhists? Where is the Compassion?

A Message from: Uthayamohan Vasantharasan - Peru

These arrests are motivated by politics in the south, north and Indian gov if you cannot see the whole picture then you're all fools, India is playing a double game and when we catch on it will be too late. Release the Students without charge and without hurting them.

A Message from : Mayuri Wicramasinge - St.Anthony's Girls College - Kandy

I'm against the attack because violence is not the solution.

A Message from : Sajid Adi - Bangaladesh

Need Solution..................................

A Message from : Coumila Curpen - South Africa

I'm against attack n violence.....God bless u...may peace n love come in your life forever.

Love & Regards

Arivazhagan Kaivalyam
Mobile - +91 9945232920

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