To spread and support the culture of Life

This is a cause to help inspire all humans to live and build the culture of life. It is one thing to know about moral truths and pro-life info, but it is another to live it. This cause is dedicated to sharing testimonies of people who have lived and spread the culture of life, so others will be inspired to do the same. I believe when someone sees an example of holiness they rise to the occasion. This cause is supposed to inspire, educate, and transform our lives, so it can slowly can change the world.

"It is essential to create a culture of life."

Pope John Paul II

“..there is no reason a mother cannot be a successful woman. What greater success is there than to give life?”

~Archbishop Chavez Botello

"The most radical and elevating affirmation of the value of every human being was made by the Son of God in His becoming man in the womb of a woman."

~ Pope John Paul II

"I believe that I will live to see the end of the abortion industry, and the sanctity and dignity of every human life affirmed. ... Great labors remain before us, but the rights and lives of unborn children are absolutely worth our efforts."

~ Senator Sam Brownback, Kansas, Presidential Candidate for the 2008 election

All Catholics are called "to help build a culture of life in which every human life without exception is respected and defended," the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities said in a message for Respect Life Sunday Oct. 5.

Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia invited Catholics to build a culture of life and to "rededicate ourselves to defending the basic rights of those who are weakest and most marginalized: the poor, the homeless, the innocent unborn, and the frail and elderly who need our respect and our assistance" in a statement released Sept. 30.

1. All human life should be protected and embraced from Conception to Natural Death.

2. Traditional family values need to be supported and protected.