Shadow of terror - PART II

Watch & understand the truth

Shadow of terror - PART I

Watch & understand the truth

After one year ......

First of all I must thank all the members, who are being connected with this cause for a long period as one. Our President & our great soldiers have done a great job to destroy the terrorism from our country. The group LTTE is destroyed in last year in…Read More

Sri Lanka 62nd Independence Day - 2010

All the Sri Lankans can celebrate The real Freedom as 62nd Independence Day, after 30 years in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka defeated the LTTE terrorist organization from Sri Lanka but, not from the whole World. LTTE is trying to stand again from different part of the…Read More

Be careful ...............

As you know, Gen. Sarath Fonseka decided to join with UNP, JVP and some other political parties for the Presidential Election of Sri Lanka. We really appreciate his effort as an ARMY leader during last period. But unfortunately, we can't agree with this…Read More

Thanking for Members

I am very proud to announce you as a SRI LANKAN from a Free Country, that our members are over 10,000 now. At the begining of this cause, Liberation of Tamil Tigers Ealam (LTTE) was the largest terrorist group in the world. But I am very happy to say it…Read More

Thank You Very Much

Dear Members, Im vry glad 2 inform u nw Sri Lanka is a Free Country. I must thank our Preesident Mahinda Rajapaksha, Gotabhaya Rajapaksha, our Government, Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Police & the other Forces for savin…Read More
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