March Army Recruiting Talking Points

Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) Pilot In November 2008 Secretary of Defense Robert Gates authorized the services to conduct a one year pilot program to bring in up to 1,000 (DoD-wide) legally present non-citizens to help meet…Read More

Thank You

As a U.S. Army Soldier for the past 15 years, I want to thank each of you for supporting our soldiers. It means a lot to each of us. I am looking for a few volunteers, not for enlistment purposes, but to just simply invite your friends to this cause for the…Read More

Recruiting numbers strong for all components

By Jim Tice - Staff writer Posted : Wednesday Mar 11, 2009 17:51:46 EDT February recruiting and retention figures released Tuesday by the Pentagon show all three of the Army’s components are running well ahead of schedule for their manning programs for the…Read More

Overweight Youth Pose Recruitment Challenges

Written by Donna Miles WASHINGTON, March 5, 2009 - Fat is bad for your health. And as defense officials attest, it's also bad for recruiting -- and for national defense. Curtis Gilroy, the Pentagon's accessions chief, lamented during a congressional hearing…Read More

Thanks for Inviting your Friends to Support this Cause

You have been a great encouragement to this soldier and many others. Keep up the great work!! Hooah!!!!

Thanks for all your Support

As a soldier, I wanted everyone to know that I and many other soldiers appreciate and are thankful for our fellow Americans support. Thank you for supporting this worthy and important cause, because without our hometown heroes we would have no Army at least…Read More

Looking for Help

In an effort to help this cause, would you make the pledge to invite 100 friends. This would be a great help. Thanks for all your support. Godspeed!
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