raise money to fund the investigation into cures for childhood cancers.

A cause to raise money to fund the cure of Cancer. Cancer will touch everyone one some level druing their life, whether it is through a loss of a loved one, friend or family, the knowledge of someone close. it may be a work collegue, or the newspaper boy, but you will know at least one person, if by sight if not even by name. everytime you walk down a busy street, you will pass approximatley 20 people a minute who have been badly affected by Cancer. shocking statistics or what!

Childhood Cancer is the one that affects people the most, it is the one that people find the hardest to understand, why should children develop cancer? Cancer is something people use to scare others, like people who smoke are told for shock that they will get lung cancer, people who use sunbeds too often or spend too long in the sun are threatened with skin cancer. But children? it seems so unfair. Children are supposed to outlive you, they are supposed to return the favour by helping you to put YOUR shoes on, help you in and out of YOUR chair, feed YOU, dress YOU and do everything you ever did for them. They shouldnt pass away at 13 months old, like Abigail did. She was 7 months old at the time of being diagnosed, and i couldnt believe it, how could a child so beautiful and loving have cancer? but it was true. This is why i set up this group, this cause, to fight something i believe in, lets put a stop to cancer once and for all.

R.I.P Abigail-Brooke, from all of your family, friends and those who love you dearly. not a day goes by when you wont be missed!

1. Cancer takes too many lives, it needs to be stopped

2. No child should be taken before their parents

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