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Harrison's Hope is #131 on Pepsi Refresh! IN order to win we need to be in the top 10! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please go out and vote all three ways today! Online at TEXT 105056 to PEPSI (73774) and on FACEBOOK

Please VOTE for Harrison's Hope. Help us save lives! Harrison's Hope has been accepted on the Pepsi Refresh Project! Vote for our idea of Zero Seconds at You can vote the entire month of January! Please help Harrison's Hope in our mission to…Read More

#7 so far this year, # 4 in 3 days :(

Please help us spread our life saving message!

Saving lives anyone?

Congratulations to Harrison's Hope for reaching 300 facebook members! So far this year we have lost a near 50 young children due to being left unattended in and around a vehicle. So what can you do to help? If each of you recruited 10 new members, then we…Read More


So preventable
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