Young Artists Against Drug Abuse/Christopher's House

Dear Members of YAADA Thank you for supporting this cause that is so important to me, and is in memory of my beautiful Christopher. We have had 2 fundraisers with in the past 2 years of Chris's death. These fundraisers has been to start a young men's…Read More

Christopher David Sanderson Foundation/Young Artists/Christopher's House

Wow- Almost 500 members. That is amazing. Thanks to everyone who has joined this cause. Our Fundraiser is a week from Saturday at Sycamore Park-September 12th. Would love to see you all there. If you would like to join us, please contact me on FB Thank…Read More

Christopher's House and Young Artists Against Drug Abuse Programs Fundraiser

In Memory of Christopher David Sanderson-who lost his life on Jan 4, 2008 from pneumonia-A dream of his to reach out to others struggling with an addiction, as he was. Fundraiser at Sycamore Park- Golf Outing September 12th- Contact Kirk Lundbeck at…Read More

Christopher David Sanderson Foundation

Our fundraising event will be at The Sycamore Park on Saturday September 12th. We will be having a golf outting-live auction- a site to have yourfamily & kids portrait taken-dinner & music. This foundartion is raising money in partners with Rosecrance…Read More

Christopher's House & Young Artists Against Drug Abuse

A few weeks ago, Dave and I met with the CEO of Rosecrance in Rockford Illinois. They would like to partnership with us on Christopher's House, a transititional home for boys to live after they are done with rehab. 30 days in rehab is not enough. They are…Read More

IIn Loving Memory of my Son, Christopher David Sanderson

Another year has come, And you so far away from me now; But in my heart still. Forever, I will hold you close. Each smile, laugh and tear I've cried A testament to your presence. I will always love you, No matter what happens. Your death cannot separate…Read More

In memory of Christopher David Sanderson

January 4th will be the 1st year anniversary of Christopher's Death. It would be nice if you all took a moment that day to remember Christopher's life. Christopher was a charming, passionate, loving, kind, and a dedicated, loyal, talented, creative kid. His…Read More
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