Youth Venture needs your help! Sign up at!

Youth Venture needs YOUR help to raise money. Youth Venture is competing in Best Buy's @15 Change Exchange for $250,000! With the money that Youth Venture wins, youth-led community benefiting projects will be funded. How you can help (only takes a few…Read More

Best Buy @15 Competition

Hey everyone! The Best Buy @15 competition just launched!! Check out for more information. Also! Don't forget about the Staples Youth Social Entreprenuer competition going on! There is no limit to the number of…Read More

Invite your friends!

Hey everyone, We all know that Youth Venture is a great cause and that we, as youth, have the ability to accomplish anything. Strength comes in numbers! Invite all of your friends to our cause to let everyone know the amazing things that we have done for our…Read More

ONE campaign

YV is launching it's very own ONE campaign. If we all told just ONE friend about YV and invited them to join our cause we'd have almost 800 supporters! Take just a few minutes to do you part in spreading the movement of young changemakers. Let's see if we can…Read More

YV in the new year

Thanks for all your efforts in the "8 by '08 campaign". The Youth Venture cause is growing and so is the movement of young changemakers! Just because '08 has arrived doesn't mean the campaign is over. Keep spreading the word about YV and the GenV movement.

8 by '08

Join the "8 by '08 campaign" now by inviting 8 friends to join the Youth Venture cause before 2008. Tell your friends about YV and help the global movement of young changemakers grow. Take just a few minutes of your time to help and ring in the new year with…Read More


Build the YV movement through your network of friends! Be a part of a 3-month trial SMS (text messaging) campaign to drive more traffic to, and ultimately, launch more venture teams. This is how it’ll work: 1) Youth Venture sends you a text message…Read More
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