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Congratulations! We have just passed the 50 member mark!

That means there are at least 50 progressive minded Iranian-Americans on facebook. But with millions of daily users and thousands and thousands of us here, we all know there are many more. For now, the best way to reach them is for each of us to invite as many friends to join as possible and facebook has made that very simple:

Start at our cause homepage at: aside from all the other great information, you can also find a link on the right column labeled "Go to Your Action Center". Here you can invite friends, thank those who have already joined or remind others you already invited but have not responded yet.

While you are on our homepage, take another look at our positions (listed on left as 1,2,3) also and provide some feedback as what you see as the most important one we should concentrate on for now. Or perhaps you'd rather see us pick a fourth option and try to raise funds. Whatever your choice is, I'd personally love to hear from you.

Use the wall for your replies so we can all participate.

Thanks and congratulations again,


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