What parents, caregivers, schools, loved ones NEED TO KNOW!!!

Genetic Disease Profile: Sickle Cell Anemia For more about the gene that causes sickle cell anemia, see the HBB Gene Profile. The following was adapted from NIH Publication No. 96-4057. Sickle Cell Timeline 1910 - Herrick provides the first formal…Read More

Our journey continues.........

Tonight I was taken back when I realized It's been almost a year since I posted anything on my bulletin. That's how tremendously well Shaniah has been doing since our move to Florida. A year ago, hooked up to an intravenous blood tranfusion, Shaniah slept as…Read More

Our journey with Hydroxyurea begins!!!

On January 13th 2009 I agreed to start Shaniah on this amazing drug under the direction on her Hematologists' at Schneider Children's Hospital. I had read enough about the side effects and decided that the benefits outweighed them. It would take a week to see…Read More

Thank You!!!

The support you have offered by lending your name to this cause has touched me deeply. May God continue to bless my efforts to fight this painful disease! Thank you all!! Love Marissa


Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a complex disease with clinical pathology involving many organ systems. The clinical pathology of the disease can be broadly divided into three categories: hemolytic anemia, vascular occlusion and damage, and tissue and organ…Read More
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