Have a Hart! That Hunt!

Need we say more?! Would Kamla sucuum to "Male Dominance"?! 2 B cont'd.

HAITI ... Don't WORRY!

Stop the bullshit. We're just that close to Haiti and I'm NOT referring to our geographic proximity. Neither am I addressing social networking. Look around you! The 868! At home and the diaspora. The young ones. Bitter. Disappointed. Misguided. Self…Read More

Summit of the Caribbean

As we prepare to host some 34 odd nations, let's be mindful of the immediate to long term benefits (and challenges) as we position Trinidad AND TOBAGO as a "First World" nation. Now's the time to network throughout the hemisphere and achieve the level of…Read More

Fete done!

As we all witness the demise of the Merry Monarch, I sit back in awe and wonder who really benefits from Carnival. Fete over ... Back to Work! Let us not forget the global economic downturn, it's causes and what we MUST do to sedate the now awaken Sleeping…Read More

Carnival 2009

As we celebrate, let us be mindful of all the effort and people that make this truly the greatest show on earth from the street sweeper to the barmen (& women) to the entertainers and panmen (women & Children) to the merchandisers to the masqueraders.…Read More


Wishing you and yours all prosperity in a transparent Trinidad & Tobago

National Prosperity

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