Child Sponsorship United Palestinian Appeal

Dear friends,   Since 1986, UPA's Child Sponsorship Program has provided humanitarian assistance to 1,400 disadvantaged Palestinian children. In order to promote our sponsorship program we developed a short commercial video which you can watch under the…Read More

Give Gaza children the gift of books

During this season of giving, consider making a donation that will teach and inspire. Help put thousands of books in the hands of Palestinian children. A shipment of 11,000 donated books is ready to be sent to the Gaza Strip. All the books are in English and…Read More


"Most parents wonder, 'Where do we go from here? What will happen when our child is an adult?' I tell them that thousands of parents with disabled children have shared in their journey. That they are not alone. That there is reason for hope. That we can…Read More

Last chance to donate for 2011

Read about how UPA helps disabled Palestinians ( make the transition to adulthood and independence. Then take advantage of your last chance to make an end-of-year donation (

Palestine Marathon for Children -> Finished!

Hi everybody, the run is done! After a grueling 5.5 hours running through Palestine, we ended up in Huwarra to be greeted by our friends and some delicious banana cake. Here are some thoughts I wrote down right after the run with a few pictures. I hope you…Read More

Support Driver

Hi everybody! We're less than a week away, and we are having a little crisis. We can't find a support driver for the vehicle that will carry our things. We might have someone, but ideally we would like somebody who knows the road and can speak some english.…Read More

welcome to the posse!

Hi Everybody! I just wanted to thank everyone who joined the cause as well as those who made donations! I also see that quite a few of you have been busy recruiting more people. Thank you so much! According to Facebook, when a cause reaches 50 people, it…Read More
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