bring a script to the sign languages of the world

In SignWriting there is a script for all signed languages. A script that has evolved over several decennials . It is actively used for more and more sign languages and by more and more people.

SignWriting is as natural for signing people as Latin or Cyrillic is for speaking people. Many schools for the deaf in many countries have started with SignWriting and once the initial hurdles have been taken, its adoption increases steadily. They do this knowing that scientific research proves that kids who learn to write their sign language first have better academic results.

The aim of this cause is to raise the awareness of SignWriting and, promote the use of SignWriting. All money donated will be for the Center For Sutton Movement Writing, a non profit organisation based in La Jolla, California USA.

1. SignWriting enables people to write their sign language

2. Kids do better in school when they first learn to write their own language

3. writing enables the memory of its culture