a new year to create and cherish

Dear Friends: We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful 2011. We have located a piece of land to gather and need your tax deductible assistance (World Heath Foundation 501 c3) in this precious last wek of the year. Everything counts. Your check will…Read More

happy new year

Felices Fiestas & Prospero y Pleno 2011 Nunca te canses de Amar "Mucha gente imagina que siendo fríos, rígidos, apagados y sin amor, podrán lograr éxito en la vida. ¡Pobres! Actuando por conveniencia economica y social imaginan lo que nunca tendran Si…Read More

Enlightenment and Freedom implies Spiritual Intelligence

spiritual intelligence is a function of sustainability.[ with which we access our deepest meanings, purposes, and highest motivations as an individual and as a species It is the intelligence that makes us an integrated whole and allows us to log into the…Read More

to spanish speaking members

El proximo 4 al 9 de Julio en BA Argentina se realizara el pxmo Proceso de Integracion Psico espiritual . Este se encarga de pner en perspectiva la maduracion de nuestros estresores emocionales que causan inmadurez personal y relacional, posicionar la adultez…Read More

Personal Integration Process

Please visit www.drwarter.com and read about the Genome Approach for Personal Transformation the personal integration process and if you want specific info e mail to [email protected] Por favor visita www.drwarter.com y lee acerca del Efecto Genoma para la…Read More


The time has come to take charge of wellness , peace and health in our life, planet and society. For that reason we have transformed the Intention of our Cause into the creation of a physical place in a free accessible land to come together learn about inner…Read More

Personal Peace

As a visionary for a culture of peace, I have been asked by several supporters of tis cause about my prof activity In order not to saturate this mail wih that I would like to refer the interested ones to www.drwarter.com Blessings on your journey Carlos
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