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Fellow citizen.
I salute and commend you for keeping the faith in our firm believe that Nigeria can change for good in our time. There is no doubt that a lot has happened in our cause and polity over the past one year. Today our number stands at over 30,000. The level of mental activity on this cause has remained at an incredibly high point, soon we will have to act to achieve what we believe in.
There can be no better truth than the fact that for us to emancipate ourselves politically, economically, socially and otherwise we must act as a force for true and credible elections in Nigeria that will pave way for Leaders that will provide good governance to the people.
At this time we must remove all forms of religious, regional and tribal sentiments that will allow for us to objectively choose the the best leaders for our country. Knowing that corruption and poverty is our common enemy, we must collectively destroy any sentiment that will deny us the ability to take the right decisions necessary to combat these common evils.
Every adult above the age of 18 must register and be part of the massive campaign for everybody to register. Also, we must be ready to sacrifice anything and everything to defend and fight for free and fair elections in Nigeria come 2011.
My prayer for Nigeria and Nigerians is that God who has started a good thing for us will ensure it ends well for us. I believe this is a divine moment for us as a people and the mandate that will come in 2011 can only be divine to free this country form corruption and poverty and all those who perpetrate such.
I look forward to your response. God bless Nigeria.
Semper fidelis.
Dr. Attah J.

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